Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting with the CHD the client and CHD go over the scope of project and the architectural design services that will be need to compete the project. It is also way for both parties to see if it is a good fit to work together.  I think of it as a first date. If all goes well the a contract is signed to start the process of working together. The steps listed below are the stages and services that will be provided unless otherwise agreed upon.

1. Pre-Design:

Provide assistance to the client in the assembly of necessary site information (survey, geotechnical reports, etc) and documentation of an outline biding program. This might include calculating build able are and/or allow square feet for the site determine the intent of the project.

2. Schematic Design (SD)

Drawings to include some combination of computer generated (CAD) drawings, hand sketches, and/or computer generated 3-D models. These drawings may include floor plans, interior elevations, section drawings, and select details. During the schematic design phase, we will discuss and develop a design for the site and the house. We will begin discussion materials and various selections. The intent of the schematic design phase is to (1) reach consensus on the design direction so that the process can move forward to design Development and (2) Produce construction documents. This can be used to start discussions with subcontractors and other consultants to figure out cost and construction process.

3D Modeling

The standard design process is to build a 3D model that helps the clients make design decisions by being able to do walk throughs of important spaces and to she the building in 3d. This is also a big help in figuring out how complicated framing and mechanical. This saves time and mistakes for the contractor to head off any potential problems. We experience architecture in 3D not in a 2D plan.

3. Construction Documents (CD)

To include drawings and specifications necessary to submit to the city for permitting, cost estimation, and for site work to begin. The construction Documents issued at this stage will include architectural and engineering drawings for site foundation, mechanical, and building envelope. Drawings will include plans, elevations, sections, wall sections, and other drawings necessary for permitting and city review.

4. Bidding/Cost Estimation Phase:

CHD will Assist the owner in choosing a contractor, obtaining bids or negotiated proposals, and awarding the contract for contractor.

5. Building/Site Permitting:

CHD will assist the owner and the contractor in obtaining required building permits for construction. 

6. Construction Administration (CA)

Services are provided during the construction phase to assist the owner and the builder in achieving the design intent outlined in the construction documents. Construction Administration services include attendance at project meetings, construction site visits, and interpretation and classification of the construction documents. This is critical to keep the designer involved to make sure that process goes smothly and eliminate mistakes. 


Fees shall be invoiced monthly against a percentage of work completed, per the following billing schedule:

  • Pre-Design/Schematic Design: 30%
  • Construction Documents: 50%
  • Construction Administration: 20%

*Large changes made to the design or scope of work that have already been approved will be billed as additional fees and billed at a hourly rate.